Hi, we are Chris and Sarah!

Simplethrive is a lifestyle blog in which we aim to explore all aspects of everyday life.  Our ethos is conscious living, clean eating, and authentic relationships.  We believe once we simplify our life, whether that is our cleaning product at home, our relationship with our loved ones, or where our food is sourced, we create space and momentum to thrive in our lives.

We just got hitched. We are starting our married lives together and think its really important to simplify all aspects of our life to truly thrive.  Join us on our journey from where we are today to our dream of creating a life which is clean, sustainable and family centered.  On this path we hope to share the nitty gritty realities of our lives, what works and what can be improved upon.  To share those real authentic moments in life.  And along the way sharing what we buy, what we eat, and the reasons why we choose what we choose. Our basic aim: to love our life, love living it, and thoughtfully evolve by being conscious of our simple every-day actions.

Where are we now?  Chris is working as a CNC machinist and Sarah is a supervisor for Starbucks.  We are normal people with a not-so-normal dream.  We want to inspire others to eat cleanly, love consciously, and live the life of your dreams. Join us on our journey!

One of our life-long dreams was to hike the John Muir Trail (JMT). Last August, for our belated honeymoon trip, we took three weeks off with the goal of completing the first half of the JMT. We saved up all our vacation hours and embarked on our maiden voyage to reconnect with nature. All our friends and family thought we were crazy, but we knew we were just crazy enough to make this the most memorable experience of our young married lives. To say that the JMT was life-changing is an understatement. After over 150 miles completed, with 20+ miles a day, we were pushed physically, emotionally and spiritually to explore all our previously believed realities and to question our perceived limits. The conclusion we came to was : We are the only thing keeping ourselves from achieving our wildest dreams! We vowed to make our life different from that point onward. To be the change we want to see in our lives. To create the life we have always imagined.

My name is Sarah. I am an artist. The way I think, the way I eat, the way I feel, to my core is an art form. I consider myself to be a genuine combination of eccentric and retro-traditional. I love a minimalist life with spice. Being a minimalist doesn’t mean you have to settle, whether that’s in food, cosmetics, clothing or relationships. Variety and artistry are my tools to make a simple life truly thrive.

My name is Chris, my life is a mixture of tech and holistic healing. I try to live on the line of optimization through embracing the newfound opportunities of technology and learning from ancient wisdom. I insist on getting to the core of practicality and function. Identifying what holds a place in my life, what adds value and what removes focus from the important. I bring the analytics and tech support, or as Sarah would say, I’m her rock.

Exploring human potential is our passion, We are so excited to be sharing our lifestyle in hopes that it may inspire others to live consciously.

Join us on this journey to Simply Thrive.